Pokemon Go Has Never Been Easier

Pokémon Go is an augmented game that is free to play and is location based. The game is a part of a very successful franchisee. The game has already released in certain parts of the world and is scheduled to release worldwide in July 2016. Pokémon Go will work on all Android and iOs systems. This game is unlike any other game that is downloaded on your Smartphone. While most other games do not require you to physically do anything, Pokémon Go encourages you to move around.

This makes it fun and is also good for your mind and your body. Pokémon Go allows you to battle, capture and train a virtual Pokémon who will not only appear in the virtual world, but also in real life. The game uses your GPS and camera to play. While the game is free to download and to play, players need to purchase certain in app purchases and PokeCoins. Purchases are not compulsory, but they help you play the game in a better manner. However, not a lot of people are open to the idea of spending money to play a game and this is where the Pokémon go cheats from Pokemon-GO-Hack.de come into the picture.

The developers of Pokémon Go are also planning to release a Bluetooth wearable device which they will call the Pokémon Go Plus. This device will alert players when there is a Pokémon in close proximity. The game has received a welcoming response from users and over 5 percent of Android users have already downloaded the game within just 3 days of its release. This has broken records for some of the top downloaded apps in USA. According to reports, the stocks of Nintendo, has reached an all time high. Nintendo is part owner of The Pokémon Company.

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