Who Are The Favorites?

The Football World Cup 2018 is hardly 5 months away and the biggest competition in football and one of the top sporting events will be followed by millions of people around the world. A lot od bragging rights and honor will be on the line and everyone will have their team that they will support or will put their money on. As online gambling is get popular by the day with rise of casino sites like domino qq, their vast users will want to have a clear on whom they can bet their money on.

The footballing world has become very competitive right now and no team can really be called favorites ater all nobody had expected Portugal to win the Euro 2016, especially ater their terrible start to the competition. That’s football as we know it. Still we can expect some avorites this time for the games in Russia.


The first name that will come to anyone’s head will be the current champions, Germany due to extensive talent base and world class players. They will be missing captains, Schweinsteiger and Lahm but theu have a very strong and formidable leader in Hummels who would love to lead his country to the second title defence in the world after Brasil in 1962. They will rely heacily on their established players like Mueller, Neur, Ozil, Kroos and Hummels.


The other team that could potentially come out as Champions this time around could be Argentina. They have a great attacking, probably the best in this World Cup ahead of Germany, France, Brazil and Belgium but they have lacked the balance in the last few World Cups. Lionel Messi will really want to win the only prize that is missing from his illustrious career and we saw it in the way Argentina through the qualifiers.

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