The Best Vitamins For Thyroid Support

The thyroid gland, which produces thyroid hormones is one of the most important parts of the body, as it is through it that a lot of our body functions are regulated. One of these is the ability of our body to keep a regular temperature, as well as to keep strong. If you are looking for thyroid support, there are a variety of vitamins which cater to this purpose, especially if you have hypothyroidism. What are these?


To make the thyroid hormone, you need adequate amounts of Iodine. It is advised that adults take 150 mcg a day. This can be obtained from a lot of food sources, with the richest ones being seaweeds and seashells. Using iodized salt in cooking also helps for a more iodine-rich diet.

Vitamin B

B Vitamins are primarily responsible in the regulation of hormones and the functioning of the thyroid. While B-Complex is good, a better, more specific supplement would be Vitamin B-12. You can get these from dark leafy green vegetables, whole grain, milk, and the like.


For proper metabolism and synthesis, Selenium is best. Seafoods and meat like shrimp, tuna, lamb, chicken, turkey, etc. are common food sources of selenium. There also are a lot of supplements you can get.


Having Zinc allows converting the T4 hormone to T3, and thus allow you to improve your thyroid health over-all. You can get Zinc from shellfish, legumes, nuts, and meat. Just like the other vitamins, you can get it from supplements as well.


Get adequate amounts of protein and you’ll get enough Tyrosne. This is a nutrient that’s crucial for better production and conversion of the necessary thyroid hormones. Make it a point to get at most 35 per cent of calories from protein a day.

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