Ghastly Carpet Stains? Pacific Carpet And Tile Cleaning Has Your Back

Carpets, especially when placed in high foot traffic areas in the house, will never be entirely safe from stains and dirt of all kinds. Unfortunately, the cleaning will be left to you and not every stain is simple to remove. It’s better to leave the carpet in the hands of a carpet cleaning Corona Del Mar expert like Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning. Offering hot water extraction in carpet cleaning, they’re certain that they’ll be able to remove whatever stain, dirt or odor the carpet is left with.

Stains that Pacific Easily Removes

The trained and licensed experts and staff behind Pacific know the most effective way to remove stains on carpets. State-of-the-art machines in the hands of their staff are able to remove the following stains:

  1. Pet messes
  2. Red wine
  3. Blood
  4. Chocolate
  5. Grass
  6. Coffee
  7. Nail and shoe polish
  8. Juice
  9. Wax
  10. Mud

Of course other uncommon stains can still be handled, give them a call to confirm if the one you’re facing is within their capability; we’re highly confident that it is. One of the most frustrating for owners would be pet stains and odors. But don’t worry, Pacific is completely equipped to handle such messes; get ready to say goodbye to the stain and smell. One of the main reasons why pet stains are stubborn is due to the special dyes that pet food contains; the special dyes tend to accumulate in the urine. In case of such stains, the hot water extraction is the preferred stain removal method. The method uses a special kind of cleaning solution that contains high levels of pH; what the pH does is gently release the stains and dye from the fibers of the carpet before it receives a thorough rinse.

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