Facts Related To The Side Effects Of The Low Testosterone In Men

Having a low testosterone is the common disorder faced by many of the men and it is said as hypogonadism. As per the research, around 39% of the men are facing this problem after the age of 40. With the increase in the age, naturally level of the testosterone will decrease; one must take the preventive measures to balance the level of testosterone.

There are many of the side effects of the reduced level of the testosterone and which cannot be cured just by taking the advice of the health expert. It is difficult to maintain the level of the testosterone because hormones are responsible for developing the tissues in a male. There are many factors on which testosterone depend like strength and body mass.

Factors To Explore

There are many of the external factors like wrong habits, smoking that will affect the production of the testosterone. In order to cure all these side effects of the testosterone, the doctor will ask for the several blood tests to examine the level of the testosterone. The best timing for conducting the test is in morning hours as it is the time when the level of the testosterone is highest.

If the level is too low, then doctors will operate you with the testosterone replacement surgery. This treatment is carried through the oral medication and skin patches. Another way to treat the problem is to include the entire nutritional element in your diet and indulge with the routine exercise.


This is must to rectify all the problems after you notice all the symptoms. You must get in touch with the doctor as soon as possible so that you can be cured with all the side effects as soon as possible and start the treatment with the right techniques.

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