More Ways to Access Blocked Sites

Internet freedom is a very relative term. With that said, not all the times are people allowed to access certain sites. From the offices and schools, down to countries as a whole, it is not uncommon that you hear about certain websites being banned and blocked for access. Despite their measures to block these sites, however, people have found ways to open them. Games are also blocked in a lot of offices, and sites like grant you access to a variety of games that could be found online. Another way through which this can be done is through VPNs, or virtual private networks. If you want to make use of the latter, then here are some key recommendations.

Surfeasy VPN

For online privacy, and freer access to various websites, this is the one for you. Surfeasy VPN is the ultimate internet access and security starter pack, which allows you to keep yourself safe from vulnerable connections like WiFi hotspots and ads. All data gets encrypted in the bowser for a much easier use of the extension. The benefits of using this VPN program include having your IP access masked, as well as your actual location. This makes various online transactions, such as shopping, banking, and booking of tickets a safer experience for you.

SaferVPN – Free VPN

This free virtual private network grants pretty much all of the necessary things there are for internet access, safety, and security, as well as providing a faster, less congested route for faster internet connectivity. This site allows you to reap the benefits there are to unlimited bandwidth, switching of locations, and browsing of speeds. This has more than 400 servers for unblocking, and more than 30 locations for their servers, making them one of the most extensive services there are.

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